Brave New Postulants Join Muruga's Hosts

Under the auspices of Lord Muruga’s shakti of yogic striving and monasticism, three bright souls joined us today. They have been begging entrance at the wall for many weeks, attuning themselves to the inner vibration of our order.

Bodhinatha reaches up for the power of the Parampara before every initiation.

Acharya Kumarswami carefully guides the process. He reads from our Sacred Vows book along with the three Sivanadiyars.

All are very focused. It is a great moment.

Sivanadiyar Rajan, a cheerful presence and a strong soul in service of Siva.

Sivanadiyar Tandava reads his vows. He has exemplary humility and is a dedicated meditator.

Sivanadiyar Nandi has wonderfully absorbed the refinements of our Tamil Saivite culture, in minute detail.

Bodhinatha listens attentively.

The Vow Books are signed, by Bodhinatha…

… and by the new Postulants. Vel Muruga!

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