Siva's Guests Visit Siva's Home

There is an ancient Tamil saying that no one can visit the great temple of Chidambaram unless Lord Nataraja Himself wills it. Many stories are told about the unbelievable coincidences that have allowed — or prevented — the visit of devotees to that venerable temple.

We don’t have as many tales to tell yet, but we suspect, in our hearts, that the same holds true here. Each guest who visits Kadavul and Iraivan may have danced with Siva for lifetimes, often unknowingly, before receiving His invitation.

The tour this phase happened two days ago. They arrived at Iraivan just in time to witness a stone lift! Guests, like this lovely couple from Canada, heard how special and rare it is to be present at such an event, especially at the beginning of the Rajagopuram.

While they had to keep some distance because of the big crane, all the guests seemed to appreciate the auspiciousness of the day. They had a wonderful time together with many intelligent questions.

This is a photo of last phase’s group, equally bright, who brought umbrellas and waterproof smiles.

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  1. taka says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    Congratulations to the team for making this work.

    Welcome, everyone, to this new era of an interactive TAKA blog.

  2. Phillip says:

    Thanks so much for the website. I enjoy the daily lesson every morning as the first part of my day, and the daily news makes me feel as if I am in contact with and even a part of the himalayan academy!

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