Iraivan Stone Lift And New Monks

All is well at home today. The sun came out, more stones were lifted up to Iraivan and we had a tour group this morning.

After days of heavy rain the devas were cooperating today with the schedule crane stone lift at Iraivan temple

Sixteen stones were put up for the third course of the Rajagopuram

The ground team rigs the next stone to go up. These are mostly small pieces.

Also, today we loaded up sand, gravel and a cement mixer to stay on top of the temple roof. This will save the silpis many hours of lifting cement by the old bucket and pulley method.

Today we also wanted to bring you a special presentation from Skanda Shashti day that was lost on our server… (some may have noticed a few days of TAKA missing after November 2nd…)

It was a most auspicious day for the monastic order because three new Sadhaka took their vows after several years of dedicated study, preparation and begging by our monastery wall. From left to right our three new monks are Sadhaka Nandinatha, Sadhaka Tandavanatha in the middle and Sadhaka Rajanatha.

click here for a slide show of the Vow ceremony.

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  1. Thilagarani Valluvan says:

    Jai Ganesha

    The most auspicious day for the monastic order when three new Sadhaka took their vows after several years also give a infinite remembrance to my family as Kayshana was ear pierced during the period Skanda Shashti.

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