Amazing Painting for Pitchai Gurukkal

When Bodhinatha was in India in February, after the Indian Odyssey, he went to Pillaiyarpatti and met the great priest who runs the temple and padasala there, Pichai Gurukkal. He learned that Gurukkal is having his 60th birthday this year, and in Hinduism that is a key passage of life and is celebrated in a major way.

Bodhinatha wanted to give a special gift, so he asked Palaniswami to make arrangements. After discussions with Gurukkal’s followers, it was decided to commission a work of art as the gift. Since the Agamas are so central to the priest’s mission, we chose the story from the Agamas, the story of how these revealed scriptures came to Earth. Siva, the source of all knowledge, handed the Agamas to Sakti, shown here in the upper left panel. Sakti then presented the Agamas to Nandi, who in turn gave them over to the ancient rishis. Here the rishi hands the sacred texts to Pichai Gurukkal who at the bottom then shares them with humanity.

Bodhinatha is leaving for India in early December, and we hope he can hand the gift over in person. The canvas is 24″ by 36″ and though it was just painted last month, could be 500 years old in style.

6 Responses to “Amazing Painting for Pitchai Gurukkal”

  1. jayakarthik says:

    Wonderful painting
    This painting is a self explaining one
    Thanks for sharing it

  2. Shankar Gurukkal says:

    Excellent thinking. The picture explains all.Excellent painting for a Great Man.

  3. subbaiah sivam says:

    thanks for painting to our gurudheva. realy super.

  4. thiruppunavasal vedha says:

    we can only explain the history of mr.pitchai gurukkal by letters. but the single picture shows sixty years of priest. sri gurubhyo nama:

  5. jothir mahalingagurukkal says:

    Sri gurubyio namaha,

    The picture is my guru’s total life. I m very prowed. Because i am our studant.

  6. balasivam, uchista vinayagar temple nellai 9443952008 says:

    sri gurave namaha, ramanai vida rama namathirku valimai athigam engal guruvai nangal darisipathai vida ninaithale sithi athigam,

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