Chitra Puja Invokes Gurudeva's Blessings

Once gain it is Chitra Nakshatra, the star alignment of Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi. We honor him with a pada puja.

Most souls who are free from a physical body are said to be closer to earth during the same moon phase, called tithi, that was in the skies when they departed. But for an enlightened guru the calculation is done with the far-reaching stars instead, marking the time he joined the celestial realms.

Bodhinatha offers his love to Gurudeva.

Two young postulants are the pujaris.

The inner planes connect with us through subtle means. We use the prana of flowers, fruits and fresh food; bell-ringing and sanskrit chanting; and fire, a mystical element that can bee seen from higher planes.

We approach the high points of the puja pouring flowers and chants on Gurudeva’s feet.

The sapta arati flames over Gurudeva’s beautifully-decorated tiruvadi.

Aum Sri Sivaya Subramuniyaswamine Namah, graceful satguru!

Meanwhile, Iraivan continues to materialize at an impressive pace.

Dr. Maruthu Dharmanlingam from Malaysia is here on taskforce. Malaysians are sponsoring the whole pink-colored floor of Iraivan, and he is preparing a new fund-raising pamphlet with our publications team.

A crash course on editing and publishing!

The installed floor gives Iraivan an amazing feeling of a finished temple. For those who have been following it since the start, it is hard to believe — but it is real.

The massive floor stones are as impressive as anything in the project. They, too, are designed to last for 1,000 years. Many devotees, pilgrims and saints yet to be born will walk on these stones.

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  1. Phillip says:

    It’s really inspiring to see the process of building Iraivan; very much like the process of building a spiritual life, and the way we would like to build our society … everything is meant to be beautiful, long-lasting, consciously planned and thought out at every level like a meditation.

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