Two Creations Celebrate Gurudeva this Mahasamadhi

Sun Two at the Aadheenam, a rainy day that made plants happy and monks a little wet. Rainy days bring a special view here at the monastery: when Iraivan Temple’s stones get soaked and darkened, the contrast makes its gleaming golden gopuras glitter even brighter.

Every year we create some special gifts for pilgrims who came to celebrate Gurudeva’s mahasadhi and for Church members who could not come. This year, we began with a precious jewel of a souvenir, an Affirmation etched in wood by our new laser engraver. The results are beautiful.

Around Gurudeva’s picture one reads in his own handwriting multiple stances of Aum Namah Sivaya.

We are working on many more uses for this new engraver, most of them involving fundraising projects.

The second creation is a powerful small book. For those who remember The Pathfinder Series of small booklets, The Power of Affirmation was the bestseller of that collection.

We organized those affirmations and many more in this brand new book.

Copies will arrive at the Aadheenam soon. Just a few came so far, and they were all given to the pilgrims.

Gurudeva’s powerful words are as timeless as the Truths they contain.

Meanwhile, we received a nice report from Singapore, where they are working to make the precious rose-quartz granite floor of Iraivan Temple a reality.

They say ot was a “fruitful and energetic meeting! We exchanged ideas to boost Iraivan’s floor-stone sponsorship.”

You can see the story at their blog,

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