Hinduism Today – Thirty Years Serving Dharma

Gurudeva called Hinduism Today magazine “the prow of the ship.” By that, he meant that the magazine was designed and written to reach into every corner of the Hindu world, to relate to every member of every Hindu lineage, and as such it could open doors for many initiatives and bring his other teachings to the far corners of the Earth.

Thirty Years of
Sharing Dharma

This sticker is printed on the cover of all the issues printed in 2009.

The 30th year anniversary issue should be arriving in your mailboxes just about now. If you see something you especially like, or an issue that tugs at your heart, write us a letter to the editor at letters@hindu.org.

And this is one of the early Macs we used when we moved from light tables and paste-up to digital production in 1986. Bodhinatha tells a bit about that part of our history, too.

And how we now live in a digital world.

Having left Old School photography behind.

He also mentions our free online digital edition. Here is a screen shot of the application that delivers the PDF files to your desktop.

Along with rich media and links to our many resources.

These are the presses in Missouri where the magazine is printed.

Gurudeva loved the way the magazine was received, and would have been delighted to hear a conversation the editors had this morning. A California subscriber called to seek some help with vegetarianism, and mentioned that the magazine had changed her 25-year-old’s life completely. He became a Hindu. He became a vegetarian. And through the magazine he found teachers to guide him in his newest fields of interest--Vedic astrology and ayurveda. It’s rewarding to hear such tales of the magazine’s impact during this celebration of 30 years of publishing.

The monastery’s Ganapati Kulam just completed Bodhinatha’s Publisher’s Desk video for the January/February/March, 2009, edition of Hinduism Today on YouTube. As Bodhinatha explains in the video below (which also links to the Publisher’s Desk video at the end using YouTube’s new annotation feature), this is one of three types of video content we will be rotating through each quarter as our Kauai’s Hindu Monastery monthly video.

Palaniswami is working on the 10-minute video of that issue, to be posted to YouTube. And if you have not seen the YouTube videos, you can search for Hinduism Today and watch. Over 3,900 people have watched the October-November-December video so far.

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