Thoughts of Gurudeva and the New Gate

Gurudeva made the Self, which is unknowable, understandable. He made the impossible achievable. He made the inexpressible utterable. He made the unthinkable inevitable.

Today we saw some progress on the new entrance gate for the monastery, which you may recall will have a lotus blossom theme. Here is a bud, which is about six inches long, coming into shape.

And a lotus flower. There are several buds and flowers and even a seed pod on the gate.

Thanks to our Gurudeva, for his spirit, his many gifts to us that have changed lives and destinies. Even strangers to the monastery (shown here) looked on him with such admiration and wonder, that such a human being walked the Earth in this day and age. OK, he strode the Earth.

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  1. Eassan says:

    He was just like a living King a bit as Lord Shiva. He ruled over everyone’s heart. None could stop Him. Praises to Sivaya Subramunyaswami.

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