Kauai Agricultural Initiative Bumper Stickers

For decades now, the monastery has been called upon to help the community in creative ways. The monks have done Drug Free Kauai DVDs, posters for charities and hundreds of thousands of small cards describing the Spirit of Aloha.

But bumper stickers remain the most prominent, and our designs are seen on thousands of island cars. Stickers to promote island unity and aloha, stickers to spread the message we are all Kauaians despite our ethnic differences, and stickers to give pride and encouragement to teens who are working with drug problems.

Today the Kauai Agricultural Initiative asked the monks to design a bumper sticker to promote gardening and farming on the island. They gave the theme “Got Gardens?” based on the famed “Got Milk?” campaign that became got just about everything.

Here are two designs we came up for their consideration. One day you will see these on bumpers all over Kauai. It’s the Garden Island after all!

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