Teaching Yoga in Malaysia

Church members Mr. and Mrs. Umahahesan were at Arulmigu Sithivinaygar temple, Johor Jaya, Johor on 6th December, 2008. Mr Umamahesan, who is also a Yoga teacher offered his seva by conducting weekly class for JB folks. We had a wonderful time, learning the various aspects of yoga techniques (beginner lessons). He interspersed lessons with Gurudeva’s teachings -- Yamas and Yamas. Having traveled from Singapore, they forewent their wedding anniversary celebration and chose to be with us, imparting divine knowledge of ancient health and wellness keeping.

Mr Nathan offered dakshina on behalf of all the students; formal acceptance as yoga teacher.

Beginner students, youngsters and elders alike.

Yoga teacher -- Umamahesan. Practicing yoga for almost 40 years now and teaching professionally for the past 6 years.

Moving forward for an introduction.

Attentive students

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