Today's Guests and the Parenting Insight

Today we had the visit of a soul that arrived recently from the Devaloka. Her name is Lyla and she chose the Tanzi family to take this birth. As you can see, she is definitely happy with the choice.

Lyla explained (in not so many words) that Kauai Aadheenam is a beautiful and peaceful place where she feels at home. She also said that she loves the monks and that those long beards are great for pulling.

Rudy Tanzi, Dora Kovacs and Lyla are staying here for a few days. They explained their goal of raising their child to be a confident and strong person, not afraid of new or different things. It’s actually great timing on their part, since Hinduism Today’s latest issue has a beautiful insight on positive discipline.

Don’t miss it, your children will thank you for years to come.

You can read it in our PDF edition at

Gurudeva taught us this priceless wisdom:

Those who live with Siva personally guide their children’s spiritual and secular education. They teach and model respect, share what happens each day, have fun together and shower love and hugs upon them.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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