Pancha Ganapati Day Four

We received this message about Pancha Ganapati yesterday:

“I am Toshadevi and Fremont’s son, Vanore (right on the photo). My parents were recently in Kauai, visiting the monastery. It must have been a wonderful experience because they still talk about it, describing everything in detail. I would very much like to visit soon.”

Toshadevi and Fremont came here, for the first time, during this year’s mahasamadhi celebrations. Fremont joins the family photo, on the right.

Vanore continues, “here are some pictures of the first day of our celebration. We all tried to dress in yellow, in-keeping with Ganesha’s┬ácolor for the day. Happy Pancha Ganapati! Aum Shanti. Vanore”

Happy Fourth Day of Pancha Ganapati to all from Kauai’s Hindu Monastery!

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  1. NancyC says:

    Happy Pancha Ganapati!
    Aloha to Vanore and family – and warmest mahalos to you and everyone at the monastery for sharing photos of this joyous festival. This is the first year I have celebrated Pancha Ganapati and it is so nice to see how others celebrate it, too – what a magnificent, colorful shrine!

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