Pancha Ganapati in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The Pancha Ganapati festival at Arulmigu Sithivinayagar Temple, Taman Johor Jaya, begins with joyous celebration. Ganesha brought an air of pomp and festivity for the first time to the local folks. We couldn’t ask for more!

The temple Gurukkal made a Panchamukha Ganapati with chandanam paste and gave each face a distinct color, one for each day of the festival. Amazing work!

21st Decmeber, 2.00pm in the temple, Magalir team members (women’s wing) happily volunteered and are seen preparing to decorate Lord Ganesha.

The men and boys bring banana trees and other decorations.

Ravichandran Ceyon gave an introduction to the group about the Pancha Ganapati celebration and how Gurudeva introduced this wonderful festival to the Hindu world.

One of our intrepid team members begins the kolam decoration on the floor in front of the shrine.

It’s a flower kolam. Nice job.

Singpore mission members came up and gave us wonderful support. We appreciate them for their guidance and selfless service.

A sizeable crowd attended this festival.

Some of the devotees made very cute clay Ganapati murtis.

Gurukkal distributes vibhuti prasadam after the puja.

Of course, no Ganesha festival puja is complete without a full round of sweet treats offered to the Patron of Art and Culture, then distributed to all present.

It is a wonderful new experience, celebrating Pancha Ganapati in Johor. Everyone is looking forward to the four remaining days.

Devotees enjoy prasadam and conversation afterward.

We made good use of some pages from Hinduism Today, creating this attractive display. Jai Ganesha! Jai Gurudeva!

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