Sun One at the Aadheenam

The monks are back from a great retreat, diving energetically into their kulam duties. It is a six-day phase ahead of us, full of opportunities to serve Lord Siva.

Bodhinatha, settled down after a long schedule of travels, gave a talk on being pure energy and moving through the chakras. Most people function through only two or three chakras at a time. As energy, we can choose to flow through the higher chakras.

We had a homa today, the first one presided by Bodhinatha in a few weeks, after sadhu paksha and his India travels.

The most visible activities are the lanscaping changes, so creative and inspiring. The more practical side of the excavator work is the grounds’ preparation for a water turbine, which will provide abundant clean hydro power for the monstery in the near future. This is still in its first stages, but we really want to make this work — we will, we can, we are able!

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  1. Nigel Siva says:


    I haven’t seen any of Satguru’s Inspired Talks after 2008-07-27 posted in the web. Would you please update the Inspired Talk Archives.


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