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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Today was tour day at the Aadheenam and also a stone lift at Iraivan temple…

Satguruspeaks fans will be happy to see a new upadesha by Bodhinatha is now up… see the side bar on the right.

Our guests arriving at the 9 am tour just in front of Kadavul temple.

Kulamata Isani Alahan is here there and everywhere. She and Brahmachari Shama Kumaran are constantly doing karma yoga for the temple, the minimela gift shop and so much more… Thank you!

While visitors are off to Iraivan, serious worshippers are at the Siva puja.

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

More roof stones went up today.

Our tour group can only watch from a distance. Our strict safety regulations do not allow for visitors to be at the temple site doing major operations.

Rigging a small stone on the foundation.

Our Spiritual Park and Monastery on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Our March 2008 Ganesha Homa took place during a very pious week in the island of Mauritius, famous for it’s Saivite MahaSivatari foot pilgrimage to the sacred lake Ganga Talao. All Hindus worship Lord Siva on this grand event. While thousands of Hindus and many regular Ganesha Homa devotees were on pilgrimage, there was quite a big crowd at the Spiritual Park this Sunday.

The Mandapam was filled up as usual…

Devotees come from all over Mauritius…

Devotees singing with to their full heart’s content as chorus on the lava rock steps outside…

Our ladies helping with the offerings brought by the devotees…

The Homa is about to start…

A surprise visitor to the Park, a sanyassin of a Vaishnava order from India. He just arrived to the island the day before and was brought to the Park. He was invited to chant a holy mantra to Lord Ganapati and he said a few words on the Lord of Dharma.

Mrs Amravadee Kownden, giving a testimony on how Ganesha instantly came to the help of one of her friends in her recent pilgrimage to the Angkor Temple during the Odyssey with Satguru Bodhinatha. She was herself instrumental to Ganesha’s intervention…

Our Church publications displayed for sale outside the HA booth..

Kulapati Manon’s Talk of the month was on God, the World and the Soul from Hinduism Today.

Offerings and worship going on at the small Ganesha shrine….

The Narmada Lingam ceremoniously receives its first abhishegam on that day. From then onwards devotees would be able to bring water and offer their personal worship there…

Applying the tripundra…

Despite the scorching sun, devotees are all around to witness this historical event at the Spiritual Park.

Everyone contemplates the impressive Sivalingam…

A view of the devotees outside. Everyone stands up for the main final arati…

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

January 24th: It’s an early departure from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai. We leave the hotel at 4am and head to the airport. A few hours later we arrive in Chennai and are greeted by a few devotees there. Thomas Kelly, is also there to greet us. He is Hinduism Today’s Star Photographer and has flown in from Nepal on a special assignment from Hinduism Today to document the innersearch. He will be joining the Innersearch group for the remaining of the journey. Thomas is a world class photographer (click to go to his web site)who loves to shoot for Hinduism Today because we publish a lot of things that other magazines would not normally cover.

Little grandson of Kulamata Mardemootoo…

January 25th: We gather at 5am at the Arunachaleswarar temple for a special homa.

The sacred fire is mystically consuming hundreds of written prayers again today…

Here goes the lighted camphor into the fire pit after an arati.

Kartikeya Katir receives mantra diksha from Bodhinatha.

What a blessed time and space to receive it at.

Bodhinatha whispers the mantra and instructions into his right ear.

Tomorrow we will showcase some of Thomas Kelly’s amazing photos of this morning’s homa ceremony.

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