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News from Bodhinatha

Bodhinatha sends these news briefs from his stay in Maryland and St. Louis. He will fly off to Denver tomorrow morning.

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

We had in private homes a morning and an evening satsang in the greater Maryland area. Both groups showed interest in Gurudeva’s teachings. Shanmuganathaswami gave each family a paperback Dancing with Siva and each youth a pocketbook edition which was appreciated.

On Monday we flew from Wash DC to St Louis, Missouri. In the evening we had dinner nearby with a group of about 15. All except one had been to Kauai in the last few years! An eagerness to learn, may good questions.

Om Namasivaya,


The Tale Of Holy Red and White

The holy Iraivan Temple is taking shape on Kauai.

On their retreat day, the monks painted the foundation anew.

Saivite temples traditionally have red and white stripes. Red is for Shakti, Siva’s manifest energy, and white is His unmanifest purity.

Together they depict:

The form and the formless

The manifest and the unmanifest

The all-pervasive and the transcendental

Shakti and Siva

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