Iraivan's Roof Work Continues

There is some major
work now under way on top of Iraivan. How do you make a stone
roof that is basically flat water proof? Let’s take a walk up
and find out….

On the way up we get
some close view of the intricate carving on the stone lattice

Following the guidance
of some master builders who have done similar roofs there will
be layers of concrete and foam placed over the roof stones.
Sections are being formed up to later serve as railings that the silpis
can use to screed (make level and smooth) the top of the
concrete sections.

A previous filler of plain red brick is being removed.

This is a lot of

The first sections
along the edge are being poured.

Iraivan in the late
afternoon looks beautiful as the sun shine from the west just
before it slips below the mountains.

Stay tuned to TAKA
because the last, huge pieces of the Rajagopuram which you see
below will be raised up in a few days. It will be an historic

Our time lapse side
view of the temple from under the rudraksha trees.

These anthuriums look
healthy and happy….

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