Thanks to the Pillaiyar Kulam!

Sun Four today… The Pillaiyar Kulam gave its report. Sannyasin Shanmuganathswami is working on a wide array of projects: guiding the new visitor info center construction; installing new phone boxes; preparing the Hindu Heritage Endowment newsletters; lining up activites for the trip to Mauritius and Malaysia with Bodhinatha in April.

Muruganathaswami manages our mini post office and he recently re-organized everything, threw out ancient postal forms and get everything back in order. Thank you Muruganathaswami!

Yogi Jothinatha attended a phone seminar on advertising sales and he has been sharing all that he learned. His work is a mainstay for Hinduism Today as the advertising revenues keep the magazine afloat.

Yogi Jivanandanatha has been preparing for our annual budget/finance meeting with the stewards. This requires and enormous preparation getting all the number together for review.

We have to thank the Pillaiyar Kulam for all they do, as all this administration is a big weight they carry for the rest of the monks and our entire Saiva Siddhanta Church.

Jai to the Pillaiyar Kulam. Thank you!

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