Preparations at Iraivan for Rajagopuram Capstone

Meanwhile all the excitement is out at Iraivan as the Siddhidata Kulam is preparing for tomorrow’s stone lift of the final Rajagopuram capstone.

In preparation for this they must move the scaffolding in front of Iraivan away, so that the crane can get closer to the temple as the stone is very heavy and the crane cannot reach out too far.

The scaffolding unit in front is massive and water-logged from rains and heavier than expected. Larry Conklin, ever safe-minded, wants to do a weight test before he proceeds. He asks our team to attach a stress/weight measuring device.

This has a radio antennae on the back.

It will pass the information to Larry letting him know how much weight there is on his crane. He must carefully calculate the weight, distance of the arm of the crane from the center of his platform etc.

Sadhaka Nilakantha manages the rigging above.

All ready. Larry says the weight is within safe range. The lift begins.

For now the unit is set to the side.

It will be returned back to its place in front of the temple later when it comes time to dismantle the scaffolding above.

One has to really admire the Siddhidata Kulam for master-minding these giant module scaffolding units that can be moved around with the crane.

Tomorrow this stone will be up on top!

Our silpis are working on roof finishing. While each roof stone meets at the ceiling, on top there are gaps between them, The whole roof will be covered with concrete.

In order to level the massive area, the silpis are laying in screed levels that will be used to level the concrete when it is poured in.

Down below, Shama Kumaran hosts some guests.

Our silpi team is excited. Six of them will be returning to India in a few months, having completed their tour of duty here at the Aadheenam and their visas have expired.

Here is where the Rajagopuram capstone will rest tomorrow.

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