Chitra Puja – Hi Res Photos of Gurudeva Available

Today was Chitra Nakshatra, and we held our pada puja for Gurudeva.

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha is the pujari with Sadhaka Satyanatha assisting.

The many liquid oblations for the abhishekam.

Jai Gurudeva!

Hi-Resolution Images of Gurudeva Now Available!

And today we are happy to announce that a special web site has been prepared with 16 officially approved portraits of Gurudeva for public printing and distribution. Click here and you can choose from among them. Download the large hi-resolution version and give it to your local printer. Or you can just go to the printer, help him log in and download the file for printing. Please send any issues you have with this new site to

Sadhaka Satyanatha after the puja.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Oh thank you for all these beautiful poster print photo’s of Gurudeva!

    Aum Sivaya!

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