Iraivan Hand Railing Progress

Out at Iraivan the Silpis are working on the handrailing.

They have completed parts of the floor, seen here in rose granite, and are now adding the railing that will surround the entire first prakaram.

Dakshinamurthi looks on from the distance.

The railing is quite elaborate.

Chidambaram Sthapati guides the team. This is the same railing seen from the outside of the temple.

Two special blocks have to be carved for this.

Then fitted to the pillars.

It will take several days.

Meanwhile, Silpi Karrupiah works on the other side of the sanctum, where the railing and floor team will be in a few weeks.

Up on top of the temple the Rajagopuram tower is being fine-tuned.

Silpi Chelliah makes fine adjustments to an elaborate piece that has just been added.

Over the retreat a team of concrete workers came, ready to pour the roof cement. But the weather turned bad and it had to be postponed.

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