Iraivan Temple Roof Gets It's First Topping Layer

All the excitement today is at the temple where the long-awaited cement pour of the root of Iraivan was done. We had put it off as long as we could and all prayers for clear weather seem to have worked as we had a cool overcast sky that only sprinkled for 1 minute all morning.

The cement truck and pump truck are in place and the pour begins.

The silpis had previously installed cement screed rails across the top of the roof stones.

This made the leveling job very easy for the cement team.

This is the first of many layers to come in an intricate process of making the roof of Iraivan leak-proof with proper drainage and a long trouble-free future.

One Response to “Iraivan Temple Roof Gets It's First Topping Layer”

  1. Phani Sai says:

    Hi, We are constructing temple with stone and till date not used any tmt bars or iron in the construction. We are supposed to lay concrete mix on top layer of the temple roof, so that it protects from any rain water leakage, while searching I came across this page. I am just wondering without using any tmt or iron bars in this layer of concrete mix, is it going to stay intact without developing any cracks?

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