Iraivan Temple

Iraivan is looking very much like a completed temple. It shine in the morning sun.

A picture of Iraivan’s roof. The stones have disappeared below the concrete.

One of the silpis sprays the concrete to keep it cool and wet so that it will cure slowly.

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  1. Brahmachari Ritesh Varma says:

    Iraivan is so exotically beautiful 🙂
    From The Lemurian Scrolls:
    The Lemurians were all tremendously skilled at developing a skill which manipulated the external form and refined it into being as much like the original body as possible. Therefore, what is produced in the form of artwork and carving was produced to refine the form rather than adorn our buildings, which, of course, was the result of producing many refined Lemurian forms, or bodies. We also have much embellishment around to appreciate, causing this world to appear as if it were the inner world within these many monasteries.

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