More from Bodhinatha's visit to Adelaide

We bring some more photos from Bodhinatha's visit to the Ganesha Hindu Temple in Adelaide, Australia, from Prema and Ramani Iyer who were part of the 2008 Innersearch to Cambodia and India. You can also see other photos of Bodhinatha's visit to Adelaide on Taka on 19th Feb: .

Bodinatha sits at the haven as the local Vedic Chanting Group chant throughout the havan and puja.

Bodhinatha carries the khumba pot, circumambulating the temple, to the Ganesha shrine. Ganga leads the way with the lamp.

After the puja, Bodhinatha is welcomed by the temple President Siva Selvakulalingam. One thing that a lot of us did not know is that Gurudeva gave Siva and the committee guidance as our temple was being planned and build. Siva visited him with the plans to seek guidance and communicated with him several times during the building of the temple.

He presents a wonderful talk to a diverse audience on Hinduism and Temples, also talking about Gurudeva's visions of Siva and experiences in the akasha.

Dr. Ravidran thanks Bodhinata for his visit, his talk and his blessings.

The next morning, after an early breakfast, Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Haranandinatha leave for Melbourne. Thank you Bodhinatha for visiting Adelaide and bestowing your blessings on us. Come again soon!

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