Guru Parampara Painting Arrives From India

The Selvarajah family visited our publications offices and were on hand to help Paramacharya Palaniswami open up a package that had just arrived from India with a giant new Guru Parampara painting

Shankeetha and Amma Mangai hold up the painting.

Nandinatha from the Himalayas, who initiated Tirumular…

The line continued through time in South India until it came to the silent Rishi who lived in the Bangalore area and initiated Kadaitswami who took the lineage from India to Sri Lanka.

The Parampara continued to flourish in Sri Lanka through Chellappaswami and Yogaswami

Then from Sri Lanka all the way to America to Gurudeva and Bodhinatha.

Appa Selvarajah (center) knew Siva Yogaswami when he was a boy.

Selvarajah brought a letter from the priest of the Edmonton Mahaganapathy Temple, Subramania Kurukkal, who is the priest of the Edmonton temple. He included two photos of Gurudeva in Sri Lanka in 1983.

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  1. Easan says:

    Beautiful update of the Paramparai !

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