Tour Day 3-20-09

Tour day brought about sixty five guests with many thought provoking questions.

Near the Four Sages at the feet of Dakshinamurthi.

Walking up the slope beneath the Rudraksha Trees to avoid the muddy grounds near the temple, guest enjoy a view from higher ground. All seemed interested in seeing the rare hand carved sanctuary of the Divine.

Dr. John Lydgate, retired instructor of World Religions at the local Community College, visited today. He and his friends are featuring Kauai's Hindu Temple in the new publication, Pacific Journal.

The silpis demonstrate stone carving for the guests.

A series of group photos feature our visitors under the protection of the tent as the tropical rains bless us.

Radiating the light of Siva within their eyes and smiles, all seemed appreciative or the opportunity to visit the sacred site of Iraivan.

Devotees of Amritanandamai enjoyed the tour and were interested in learning about the puja schedule.

Guests take a turn at carving the white granite.

A family from Ohio are thoroughly enjoying their second visit to Kauai Aadheenam.

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