Second Day of Video Training


Back at the Aadheenam this morning, Josh and Michelle Mellicker were back for the second day of training. This morning he took us through a thorough recap of yesterday’s training on shooting video.


Josh also went through some of the basic principles and strategies for cinematography: camera placement, the different effects that result from the simple change in zoom level, the nomenclatures used different classes of shots such as cutaways, close-up (CU), extreme close-up (XCU), establishing shot (ES), wide shot (WS), reverse angle (REV), over-the-Shoulder (OTS), matched action shots and more. The terms are used by script writers, directors, etc., both in the planning stages and during the actual filming.

Then we loaded up the video we had taken the day before and had a session in Final Cut Pro and use of stills and Ken Burns effects. In the afternoon we reviewed color correction and the use of various Final Cut Pro plug-ins for special effects. And then we began the introduction to the amazing program called Motion.

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