Monastery Launches Presence on Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook, right? The monastery has been receiving suggestions from devotees to create a Facebook Page for months. Being that the monks don’t have social lives outside the monastery, it never really occurred to us what the benefit would be. When Josh Mellicker of in Los Angeles was at the monastery last phase, he took the monks of the Ganapati Kulam on a tour of Facebook and showed us how it works. He said, “The time when people asked themselves the question ‘Should I be on Facebook?’ has passed.” We realized that, just as we have a daily blog as well as a presence on iTunes and YouTube, Facebook would be yet another way to be a part of the lives of the 100+ million and growing Facebook population, which is expected to reach a billion in the near future. Its organic and viral networking system is, to us, the latest way to share Gurudeva’s teachings and news of the activities of the monastery to those who already know of the monastery, and to many more Hindus and spiritual seekers through word-of-mouth. This new technology was inconceivable even just a few years ago. Here we go, Web 2.0!

So, today, the monastery is pleased to announce its Facebook Page! You can find us on Facebook here. We encourage you to become a fan of our page, keep in touch with, comment on and like our updates, photos and videos and, most of all, tell your friends.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Yea!!! Your on Facebook now :0)

    Jai Ganesa!!

  2. Eassan says:

    Really too coool! I’ll get back to facebook soon!
    That idea must be driven by Lord Murugan!
    Aum Sivaya!

  3. vanita says:

    Great way to spread Gurudeva’s teaching but to my understanding, the photos posted in facebook becomes the property of Facebook Inc even after deleting! I’m not sure this will be of any concern or a problem but just a word of caution.
    It’s a wonderful way to be connected! Jai Gurudeva!

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