Bodhinatha's Visits North sishyas

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami arrives in the North at the residence of Kulapati Sivakumaren Mardemotoo where sishyas of the Mardemootoo and Manick kutumbas have met.

An arati in Sivakumaren's home shrine.

The Silent Guru radiating His Darshan to the group…

Natchintanaii singings uplifting everyone…

The Natchintanaiis remind the sishyas of Sivayoga's great saying: "Know Thyself by Thyself".

Bodhinatha gave on "Parenting with Love" introducing the newly translated French booklets which outlines practical guidelines for parents about how they are to positively cope with misbehavior of their children. If you would like to receive a free copy of this booklet "Parenting With Love", email us at

Three youth taking their Brahmachariya vratas vowing to remain pure and chaste until marriage.

The Guru tying the sacred Bhahmachariya cord around Sivarathna Manick waist.

Now the turn for Dayananda Canagasaby….

…and for Suganda Caramben

Next was the turn for our young ladies to take up their Brahmachariya vows….

Here is Basanti Mardemootoo

……… Darshini Peruman

…..Jambalini Manick

and Geeradevi Canagasaby….

The satsang ended with Chandrasekaran Arnasalon and Ariadassy Canagasaby taking their Arulsishya vows. It was a nice meeting with the Satguru on that evening.

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