More Photos from Tour Day April 22, 2009

About fifty guests joined the 9:00 am tour.

Guests enjoy learning about the magical Rudraksha trees. Hugging a tree is always encourage on the tour.

Kanan speaks with a guest in Tamil before his carving deomonstration.

Guests watch intently as he demonstrates carving granite into the beauty seen on Iraivan Temple.

Yoginathaswami on the roof for the last cement pour before the next stage of a water proof barier and finally copper tiles.

A visiting artist and volunteer guide at the Naina Jai Botanical Gardens on the North Shore near Kiluea displays her hand knotted drift wood pendant.

On the right are Shoba Murthy and P.S. Murthy, M.D. from Ohio. This is their second visit. They met their friends from Calgary Cananda on the cruise ship and brought them along for the tour.

Shoba loved gathering the blue fruited Rudraksha seeds and wants to shear their beauty with the world on TAKA.

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