New Phase Begins at the Aadheenam

A new phase began today with homa and Bodhinatha giving the State of the Church address for 2009, which he is now giving in April, after Tamil New Year.

3 Responses to “New Phase Begins at the Aadheenam”

  1. Nalini says:

    Wow! I can feel the Shakti from the pictures!!

    Thank you!

    AUm NAmah Sivaya

  2. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Engal Gurunathan!

    B-Beloved Saiva Satguru
    O-Ordained by Gurudeva
    D-Divine Sampradaya
    H-Himalayan Rishi
    I-Immersed in Siva
    N-Natha’s lineage
    A-Ahimsa Satguru
    T-Thaiyum nee,Thantaiyum nee
    H-Hindu Lion
    A-Ananda Selvan

  3. Saarmenthra says:

    Jai satguru

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