Sun Three

It is Sun Three and the Pillaiyar Kulam related their news. Shanmuganathaswami has been busy working on Hinduism Today distribution and managing the construction of the new Minimela building. With the walls and roof up there are now 100’s of details to work out on the inside of the building. Yogi Jothinatha shared with everyone all the lovely new advertisements from many fine Hindus and Hindu organizations that are in the current issue of Hinduism Today. He spends a lot of time each issue working with these advertisers to help them present themselves to the world in our magazine.

And for those who follow Bodhinatha’s Upadesha’s a recent talk has been posted today and well post a few more in the days ahead to catch up.


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  1. V.Balu Devado says:

    Aum Sivaya , such a beautiful orkid garland more so beautiful on my Aasan Bodhinatha.

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