New Directional Tiles for the Flagpole

Our flagpole, where the banner of the ritau flies high, has an often-overlooked simple compass structure at its base.

This is a photo from last April.

While our eyes are always drawn up to the flags’ inspiring dance against the blue sky, the monks have prepared a beautiful upgrade for the base of the flagpole.

Palaniswami designed these tiles fifteen years ago, with a state of the art Macintosh of those days.

We had them made long ago, but they sat in a box waiting for the right time. For the monks, patience is a key element of good timing.

They will be installed soon.

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  1. Sheela says:

    These are SO very pretty, Swami! Light for the north, water for the east, earth for the south and air for the west – how nice!! Aum AUM

  2. Padmaja says:

    Beautiful tiles! “Patience is a key element of good timing” Thank you. Aum.

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