Darshan of Iraivan Temple at Dawn

As Gurudeva explained, a devotee can have the darshan of a Deity. Iraivan Temple is a murti in itself, an Agamic temple evoking the body of Siva in His perfection as Maheshwara. This is a slideshow of a walk to Iraivan at dawn, just after the monks’ meditation.

If you missed TAKA yesterday, here are the instructions:

  • Press the play button (second button from the right) to watch our slideshow
  • Or, walk through the photos one by one by clicking on their thumbnails
  • It is not showing the photos? Try reloading the page
  • We highly recommend the full screen version — click on the last button to the right
  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-05-19-iraivan-at-dawn’]

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    1. Sheela says:

      I choose to be here! Aum AUM

    2. Denise Coso says:

      my husband & I visit the temple once a year. Thank you for this slide show and bringing to us today. I love your website.

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