Innersearch Kauai 2010

So what else happened today? The Ekadanta Kulam announced the first preparations for the 2010 Innersearch Kaua’i.

It is a wonderful opportunity. Bring your physical body to where your awareness is and visit us on 2010, in a unique pilgrimage!

Bodhinatha told us he is completing a small book with insights on how to get the most benefit from a pilgrimage. He will use it during his upadeshas on the 2010 Innersearch.

The dates are June 12-21, 2010 — save them on your calendar if you’re interested. It will be limited to around 50 participants. More details are to come. To join a mailing list for this Innersearch, please write to

See you here. Aloha from Kauai!

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  1. Sheela says:

    Hhhmmm … I wish … How I wish …

  2. Reena Singh says:

    Would love to join the 2010 Innersearch!!

  3. pethuraja says:


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