Our Certified Organic Agriculture

After years of planning--and willpower, and blessings from the devas--we finally have the organic certification for our noni orchard! Noni is a highly nutritious fruit used in most Polinesyan islands, with properties that marvel scientists.

We bring you today a slideshow of the majestic beauty of Himalayan Acres, our parcel across the river, featuring the exotic (and organic!) noni fruit.

  • Press the play button (second button from the right) to watch our slideshow
  • Or, walk through the photos one by one by clicking on their thumbnails
  • It is not showing the photos? Try reloading the page
  • We highly recommend the full screen version — click on the last button to the right
  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-05-19-himalayan-acres’]

    No Responses to “Our Certified Organic Agriculture”

    1. Sheela says:

      Congratulations! May more magical super-foods grow on Himalayan Acres! aum AUM

    2. Nalini says:

      Wow! Amazing!! I look forward to one day having my own organic garden.
      Thank for the inspiration.

      Om Om.

    3. Amma Debora says:

      Congratulations on the organic garden as well as on the amazing photos of the slide show: it played beautifully on my computer, even with my very slow connection, and in full screen!

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