May Activities at Spiritual Park-Mauritius

Siva Dakshina radiant at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius…. We bring you a few photos about activities at the Park this month. Winter has shyly crawled in and cool sea breeze blowing over the place makes it very soothing for the visitor to have walk around the property, specially early morning.

A new series of seminars for trainee catalysts has just started at Saiva Dharmasala for teaching of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's "Saivite Hindu Religion" series meant for the youth.

Some of the participants who attended the workshop. The Catalyst Course is made up of ten units of three hours session each. They will go through Book One to Six and also study "Parenting with Love". At the end of the course the participants will take a test and this group will have theirs in February 2010.

A group discussion on one of the topics on Unit One. The next session will be held on June 20 at 13.00 Hrs.

The main entrance at the Park has now a new look. Large lava rocks have been placed all over the ground inside the gate…

At the far end of the property the land has newly been cleared and leveled by a JCB to provide more parking space for visitors who come by thousands on our regular Sunday Ganesha Homa. The next step recommended by Bodhinatha, would be to cover the ground with stones to avoid mud clogging into the wheels on rainy days.

The few Amalaki trees at the Park are fully laden with Amla fruits this month. In the body of knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine with the hundreds of botanicals and herbal remedies derived from fruits with high dietary fiber this amalaki fruit is targeted for potential immune function support, a digestive aid, enhancer of metabolic processes, potentially promotes skin and hair health rejuvenation, and also for anti-inflammatory reasons.

Our small Japanese garden at the back of the Ganesha Mandapam is being upgraded with new plants. New plants donated by devotees are being planted all over this place.

Another new parking lot behind the Mini Mela Gift Shop has been cleared too for our Church sishyas…

Brahmachari Vel doing an arati at the small Ganesha Shrine at the main entrance. It is Sunday karma Yoga day and visitors are not yet at the Park. It's early morning.

A group of karma Yogis is first to come ….

They work on the parking behind the Mini Mela, raking the ground ….

Kulapati Amba Valaytan, our monthly Karma Yoga coordinator is happy to have a nice team working on the property. His priority this month has been upgrading the two parking lots of the Spiritual Park.

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