60 Years of Sannyas

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  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-06-03-padapuja’]

    3 Responses to “60 Years of Sannyas”

    1. Sheela says:

      Immense gratitude for the slideshow, allowing us to “draw forth the shakti” … JAI Gurudeva! We love you! Aum AUM

    2. Nigel Siva says:

      Ganapati Tunai. Thank you for blessing us by posting the 60th Anniversary Puja photos to those Sadhakas living in the “Digital-Hindu-Kauai-Aadheenam,” who cannot be there physically everyday. Saravanabhava Aum, Saravanabhava Aum, Saravanabhava Aum.

    3. Nalini says:

      Wow!!! So beautiful!
      Thank you!

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