Gold Leafing on Raja Gopuram completed

Deva Rajan and Jill inspect yesterdays gilding for any missed spots which need to be touched up.

Upon completion of the gilding, the tarps and wind breaks were removed.

At about 1:30 PM the Sun shone brightly on the Raja Gopuram.

Micheal Kramer uses a gentle brushing technique which attaches all the gold dust particles to the sizing. He told us we were witnessing the absolute brilliance of the gold leafing process. The first rain will change the luster slightly.

A radiant Mahakala image on the east end of the Raja Gopuram.

The gilding enhances the ornate carvings. Nine miniature tridents are perfectly carved in the second semi-circle below Mahakala on the south side.

West facing Mahakala representing Time beyond time, who devours all things and forms helping the soul transcend all dualities.

Soon the wooden scaffolding will be dismantled, and the glowing Raja Gopuram will be seen gloriously against the tropical blue sky.

We tried to capture the blinding radiance of the sun shining on the gold leaf best seen in the lower left corner

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