Sun Five Full of Flowers

Sun Five today brought us the report by the Siddhidata Kulam. Yoginathaswami has been very busy with all the work needed to get permits for all structures on our property. This has in fact been a multi-year project. Meanwhile his team has been working on preparations for the next stage of roofing on Iraivan which will begin in a few weeks. They are handle the regular duties of keeping our vegetable garden going, pick fruit, and a variety of other projects related to on going maintenance and improvements on our property.


Recently they have done quite a bit of landscaping with a focus on flowers, which are blooming. Yoginathaswami writes: “First three flowers are amaryllis that are blooming again for us this year after spectacular show last year. Last white flower (rose like) is Gardenia whcih just began blooming this year.

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  1. Vanita says:

    Gardenia is one of my favourite flowering plant I discovered in Perth. The aroma is fantastic. Happy gardening!

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