Canada Trip: Seattle (Cont.)

We continue today with the report on events in Seattle:

The group grew to over 80 people, which is a lot during the week

Bodhinatha stands next to the assistant priest as the puja takes place

Devotees line up for blessings

Temple priest

Our humble and sweet Marthi family who worked hard to make this event a success. Thank for your love and giving sprit that made this event magical. Jai!

Sitting in the Seattle airport Bodhinatha is tireless in his communication with the world wide congregation.

Preparing for take off!

Next Stop Vancouver Canada. See you soon

First picture of Vancouver Canada. Quite a site. The image is blurred but as you can see Vancouver is quite nice. Many lakes, trees and mountains in the distance.

Our first Dharshan meeting of the day was with Jennifer, Abrey Burke and Abreys friend Marcel in the middle. Long time devotees of Gurudeva.

Roshan Family, who are planning a visit to Kauai in the future and look forward to visiting the monastery.

Raj Kalidasan Family originally from Sri Lanka and knew Yoga Swami.

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