Denizens of Paradise

This is Ashvin the egret, the new resident of our property. He seems to have hurt his wings and was seen warily walking around in the first weeks, but by now he has figured out that we practice ahimsa.

Ashvin cannot fly far, but he is quite a wanderer. We see him in many parts of the monastery. We were not sure if he was getting any food, until we saw him sending some geckos down his throat — that part of ahimsa he has not figured out yet.

Ganapu is another common sight near the temple. He dutifully takes a nap there while Ceyonswami, his person, is on the 9am vigil.

A small gecko. We have not been introduced, so he was really trying to be discreet and blend with the color of the brown pot.

A bee, her legs full of polen. Bees are so monastic in the way they live, dedicated, selfless, unstoppable. We really get along well.

Siva's exuberant creativity is everywhere, in you—and me.

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