Edmonton Ganapati Temple Events, Part 2

Behind the Maha Ganapati temple is a breath-taking forest. Here Bodhinatha has been asked to bless a small area where devotees can meditate in nature. A statue of Dakshinamurti will be placed to look over the meditators as they go in and into themselves in silence.

The sacred location has been chosen and a kumbha of blessed water is poured.

Bodhinatha breaks a coconut in the spot where Dakshinamurti will be placed.

Ganesha is now brought out to lead in a procession around the temple

These youths have made their own Kavadi and will take part in the procession as well

Jai Ganesa

All are uplifted by the strong darshan today

Bodhinatha and Iyer, the chief priest, over see the event

Kavadi, Kavadi Kavadi !!!

Temple Trustees present Bodhinatha with a commemorative plate of the auspicious festival to Ganesha

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