Kadavul Temple's Now Golden Kodimaram

The professional gilding group at work with Deva Rajan atop the Kodimaram of the Kadavul Temple.

Mission accomplished -- they all pose with Sivakatirwami who is on vigil in the temple today, at the base of the Kodimaram.

Enjoy the full story in the slide show below

Gilder's Studio team pose for a final photo. Left to right: Michael Kramer, Lisa DaSilva, Jill London, Dennis DaSilva. Today was their last day having completed all of the gilding of the Capstone, Chinna Gopurams and Raja Gopurams of the Iraivan Temple.

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  1. Sheela says:

    Much gratitude to the Gilders’ Studio Team! Our prayers for a golden life for you all. Aum AUM

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