Patels Visit New Minimela; Visitors from Asia

Mrunal, Padmaja, and Pooja Patel, who pilgrimaged here for the Guru Purnima festivities for several days, pose with Shanmuganathaswami outside the Northern entrance to the new building which will house the new Mini Mela, a library, two bathrooms with shower stalls and visitors area. It is a beautiful building painted a lovely peaceful shade of green, all solar powered, and surrounded by flowering trees and gardens.

Shanmuganathaswami took them all upstairs to view the interior of the second floor and see the view from the balcony.

Another busy day with visitors from Malaysia, Japan, and the Mainland here to enjoy the sanctity, peace and beauty of the Kauai Aadheenam. Behind them is the Iraivan Temple, where Chidambaram Stapathi and the silpis continue laying the remaining 880 rose granite floor stones. Work also continues up on the roof, where the copper edges are being permanently sealed into place. On the far left (standing) is Ammalvo Padarisamy and her husband Suppiah Angupatha from Malaysia, and their daughter Sugitha Suppiah and her husband, Raj Anand Nadarajah, with their two children Akila and Ishvar all from Fremont, CA. Also present is another visiting Hindu family from the Mainland, as well as eight happy visitors from Japan all thoroughly enjoying their very first visit to a Hindu Temple.

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