New Phase Begins – Our Two Doctrines

Kadavul temple’s Sun One Homa was bright and powerful today.

Bodhinatha introduced a talk he is working describing the two doctrines of Saiva Siddhanta Church, Monistic Theism and Hindu Solidarity. Here is the excerpt he read from Saiva Dharma Shastras:

Doctrines: Saiva Shraddha Dvimulanyaya

The Church’s dual doctrines of faith are: the enlightened monistic Saiva Siddhanta philosophy, Advaita Ishvaravada, of the Nandinatha Sampradaya’s Kailasa Parampara; and Hindu solidarity, Hindu sambandha, unity in diversity among all denominations of Sanatana Dharma. These two streams of consciousness are represented by the two points of our flag, Hindu dhvaja.

1. The First Doctrine: Monistic Theism, Advaita Ishavaravada

The following concise statement capsulizes the first doctrine of Saiva Siddhanta Church, the monistic theism of Saiva Siddhanta: “God Siva is within all things and all things are within Him. He is the Absolute Reality, beyond time, space and causation; He is the Primal Soul--creator, preserver and destroyer of all that exists. Yet, His majestic body is seen and He is talked with by the rishis. So great is He, the Incomparable One. Mysteriously, He is the Creator and the Creation. He is All and within all. Therefore, we preach the monistic theism of Saiva Siddhanta, Rishi Tirumular’s Vedic-Agamic theology, which encompasses pre-Shankaran Vedanta and pre-Meykandar Siddhanta.”

2. The second Doctrine: Hindu Solidarity, Hindu Sambhandha

The following concise statement capsulizes the second doctrine of Saiva Siddhanta Church, Hindu solidarity: “For all sects of Hinduism to survive in their pristine purity, maintaining their traditions, cultural heritages and religious theologies within our great Sanatana Dharma, each must strengthen the other by strengthening itself. Having found their roots, Hindus of all sects can proceed with confidence and work for Hindu solidarity. The many beliefs and practices common to all Hindus are the meeting ground, the basis of this profound unity in diversity. Therefore, we preach Hindu solidarity.”

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