A Rainbow of Beauty

Early one morning (before the first visitor had arrived) Paramacharya Palaniswami rose early and manifested this exquisite rainbow of color outside the Kadavul Temple. Palaniswami is the knowing expert, mastermind and creator behind the vast planning of the beautiful fifty-one acre Aadheenam botanical gardens.

Kauai is officially known as the "Garden Island" and visitors from all over the world marvel at the rich and beautiful array of flora here. The Aadheenam gardens are a tropical paradise, with flowering plants and trees from all parts of the world, lovely tranquil waterfalls and lotus ponds, with sacred shrines and peaceful areas for meditation. It is locally known as one of the most beautiful and uplifting botanical gardens on the island. These plants were a gift to the monastery from someone who loves the idea of sacred temple grounds where seekers can see God Siva everywhere they look.

Thank you, Paramacharya Palaniswami!

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