The Blessings of Water

As the world struggles with water shortages, when rains fall here on Kauai, the wettest place on earth according to some, though we may wish for sunshine, we also count the incredible blessings of this gift from the heavens. The ancient myths of Ganga falling down onto the matted locks of Lord Siva, is a vivid living reality for those who can look up at mountains covered with rain and water falls. This amazing video, taken inside the crater of Mount Waialeale which we look up at daily, was taken with a robotic helicopter. It speaks of the blessing of water, falling like grace from inner worlds.

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  1. v balu devado says:

    Aum Sivaya,
    One of the best food for ear and eye i hv ever had. The music touch my soul so to speak while my eyes relax on breathtaking view. Siva ur Magificent.

  2. Padmaja says:

    Aum Sivaya, thank you for posting this beautiful video with soothing music and those breathtaking waterfalls as if sacred ganga is coming out of Lord Shiva’s head! Aum.

  3. Navin says:

    Video was awesome! Breathtakingly beautiful!

    Who was the music by????

    Om Namaha shivaya!

  4. Ushadevi says:

    Is that our beautiful Lord Ganesha from 1:08 to 1:16? I see the right side of His Face and trunk, with a sweet knowing right eye. Anyone else?

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