Bodhinatha Leaves for Houston

Today before noon all the monks went down to the monastery entrance to say good-bye to Bodhinatha and Senthilnathaswami.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Navami Tithi, Sun One, Friday, August 28th.

Past the new MiniMela which will be landscaped in the next week or so.

Past a Pritchardia palm, a towering native of Hawaii.

Thondunatha had arrived for a week, and offers to help Senthilnahaswami with his luggage.

Right on time, Bodhinatha arrives.

Cheerful and ready to travel, as he often does. They are off to California and Texas for about a week.

All come forward to say aloha.

They will be giving four major Keynote presentations in two places in Texas.

As Gurudeva would often say at this moment, Up, up and away!

On Sun One there was a Chitra Puja for Gurudeva. While watching Yogi Jivanandanatha and Sadhaka Tejadevanatha perform the rites, we offer an excerpt from Gurudeva’s Spiritual Tookbox, a chapter he calls “No time for spiritual practice?” He begins with a key: Consistency is the key to the conquest of karma. Then continues:

For spiritual unfoldment, we must perform sadhana. Sadhana is a
repetition; time and time and time and time and time again of the
same spiritual practice.

The spiritual practice should be reasonable, should not take up too much
time, and should be done at the same time every day. Often seekers who
become associated with Hindu sadhana go to extremes and proceed with
great vigor in an effort to attain results immediately. Sitting two or three
hours a day, they wear themselves out and then stop. Hereís a formula for
beginners: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, twenty minutes
to a half an hour of sadhana at the same time every day; Saturday and
Sunday, no sadhana.

A question came up about meditation. ìWhen is the best time to meditate?
Well, the best time to meditate is before dawn, but there are several
other times to meditate too. Just before you go to bed at night, read some
scripture. Sit and meditate and lift your energies into the head before sleep.


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  1. Laura and Rick says:

    It says… “They will be giving four major Keynote presentations in two places in Texas.”
    where in Texas? we have many friends in Austin who would love to attend the presentation, if it’s pubblic… Thank you!

  2. Nalini says:

    Aum Sivaya Satuguru and Swamiji.
    Safe Journeys to you both.

    Aum Shanti!

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