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After Sadhu Paksha retreat there was a big demand for reservations to visit Kauai Aadheenam. We held two public tours this past week on August 24th. & the 28th.

Lord Ganesha, is the first inner plane Being the guests meet and learn about. Ringing the bell to notify Him of our presence has become a tradition for those entering the monastery grounds.

Walking the Tiruneri path, the guests’ next encounter the giant Banyan tree under which Gurudeva often sat and meditated.

Our first group was small enough to get to know each other quite well and came as far away as Europe. The lady in the blue (far right) is from Naples Botanical Garden in Florida. She was truly appreciative of the vast collection of plants and trees.

The second group on the 28th was such an inwardly quiet group. Two of the ladies approached us and said they had purchased and read the entire work “Dancing with Siva” before coming to Kauai specifically to come for the tour.

Every corner of the land seems to be so lovingly cared for.

Coming over the hill to the look out over Rishi Valley, we spotted Tandu Sivanathan, a volunteer karma yogi working quietly. Nothing is more unrequested than a standing ovation for someone so humble and transparent. The groups spontaneous action was a desire to show their appreciation for all those who are working to make the experience of the Kauai Aadheenam so beautiful.

Tandu brings his landscape crew once a week on Thursday to do some of the mowing. But today is not Thursday. He has slipped down to Rishi Valley after the Sun One Homa to do some quiet karma yoga.

Tandu has been working closely with Paramacharya Palaniswami to make Rishi Valley a spectacular garden. These are local sweet potatoes which are very delicious. You can also eat the greens as well.

How beautiful this area is becoming. Soon the Guru Paramapra will have life size shrines along this valley.

This loving mother with children spoke a Scandinavian dialect.

The little ones where so happy to find someone almost their own size.

On a bright sunny tour day nothing stands more inviting than the shade of giant Rudraksha trees standing on the West side of Iraivan. This is almost the last place we stop on the tour. A place to relax, ask questions, and talk about fundraising efforts to complete the temple.

With many rudraksha seeds still on the ground flower buds for the next crop are already beginning to show great potential.

This flower stops everyone in their tracks.

Guests are always surprised when they see the succulent gardens in such a tropical setting.

This refined family is from New York. The boys are Jacob and Zachery and the little girl is Julia. The father (not pictured) asked some very insightful questions.

This is Unipam and Sanjee. They came to Kauai specifically for the tour and were a constant support for us.

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